What is NetMap?

"We reveal the invisible truths hidden in your data"

Who are we?

NetMap Analytics is a privately owned company with a proven track record in providing specialty software and services to government organisations, retailers, management consultants and scientists. The flexibility of the software allows its application in almost any business. NetMap has been operating in Australia for over 15 years and numerous Australian and international success stories are testimony to the unique benefits of our technology.

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What makes us different?

No individual or organisation can escape the global proliferation of data. It represents both an immense frustration and an incredible opportunity. NetMap reveals the invisible connections, trends and patterns that exist in your data. Our world-leading technology can quickly, seamlessly and efficiently transform massive volumes of data into invaluable knowledge.

What can we do for you?

NetMap can help you see the truth behind your data. To do this, you can either purchase our software tools outright, or our experts can analyse your data for you.